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We work with you to deliver significant and tangible results, quickly. Our typical return on investment is between three to four months after implementation of our projects and/or recommendations.


We have spent over 35 years gaining operational experience and building knowledge, tools and systems to create the utopian operating environment.


The three stages of consulting services we offer are:


This first stage of our consultancy involves a complete audit and review of your business systems.


This second stage service is about the implementation of recommendations made in our adaudit, or other projects you need to execute.


The third and final stage we offer is business coaching and facilitation – an ongoing partnership.


adaudit full

This first stage of our consultancy involves a complete audit and review of your business systems (across all departments or one particular process if that is the brief) to evaluate and highlight areas for greater revenue extraction and operational improvement. A typical audit takes four to five weeks and is comprised of staff interviews, system and process reviews and tracking agency/company projects to assess the operations and profitability.


Under each category a number of specific areas are reviewed and assessed. We then make a series of recommendations, prioritised in order of importance according to cost savings, other agreed business benefits, ease of execution and speed of outcome.


Actual deliverables may include:

  • In-depth identification and analysis of issues

  • Cost and impacts analysis (of weak areas) in the business

  • Recommendations for improvement (prioritised by cost and time)

  • Opportunities for revenue improvement and how to move forward

Once a review is complete, we provide a flexible and staged approach to implementation, enabling you to fully review our recommendations before moving to implement them.

adaudit lite

This five step financial review is a scaled down version of the full package, focusing on two core areas of your business: Financial Management and Reporting Analysis, with a view to driving optimal revenue generation.


Through this review we identify:

  • Leaking or missing revenue streams

  • Why you may be losing money

  • Where you can afford to increase your rates to yield higher margins

  • How you can offset a rate rise by providing other (low to no cost) services

  • What reports you may need to assist in tracking and identifying internal challenges

This review covers off and makes recommendations to enhance the five major revenue processes, all of which must function at 100% to ensure optimal revenue generation. Adtopia has a vast knowledge bank and set of products and tools to drive optimal efficiency of these processes, thereby increasing (and maintaining) maximum profitability.




This second stage service is about the implementation of recommendations made in our adaudit, or other projects you need to execute. If you lack the internal resources, time or experience to do it yourselves, Adtopia can project manage it for you.


To ensure that a target state is reached, in the most efficient and cost effective means possible, we draw on our existing intellectual property (tools and methodologies), that we have developed and refined throughout the years. We have calculated that by making full use of such tools we can actually triple the typical delivery speed of a given project.


Typical projects we’ve completed recently, aside from the implementation of normal audit recommendations, include: 

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) rollout

  • Studio (in-house and agency) re-engineering

  • New management reporting and analysis implementation

  • Company processes streamlining

  • New estimating processes and systems (including project management and financial accounting systems)

  • Facilitating business strategy development meetings


There are many subsections to adproject and some of these are as follows:


Rate card and remuneration assessment - If you’re looking to draw up the ideal rate card and remuneration structure for your business, we can make this quick and easy with our rate card template and process, specifically designed to:

  • Help you build and structure the ultimate rate card agreement

  • Ensure you cover off all key categories for remuneration agreements

  • Ask you questions to prompt better ideas for remuneration

  • Provide you with tips and tricks to fine-tune your rate card

  • Provide you with a range of remuneration structures to choose from


Whether you’re looking to update or implement a new rate card, or just analyse an existing one to see where you’re leaking revenue, these templates will help you fast-track the process and make it a lot easier to execute.


We can think for you, but we prefer to teach you and your team how to think for yourself. We love sharing our industry expertise to help train your rising stars or encourage those that may be struggling with change. Adtopia has written courses for TCC (The Communications Council) and independently trained 100’s of industry professionals.


Process improvement involves the business practice of identifying, analysing and improving existing business processes to optimise performance, meet best practice standards or simply improve quality and the user experience, in short to minimize errors, reduce waste, improve productivity and streamline efficiency.

The adaudit process may have highlighted weak or inefficient processes and Adtopia can help you refine these using our proven methodologies and workshop techniques.


Correct reporting provides critical detail that will be used to help develop future forecasts, marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making. They may also be used to track progress and growth, identify trends or any irregularities that may need further investigation.


We currently have an extensive list of essential reports and can work with you, and your existing software (if possible), to develop these to achieve results.


Templates actually increase flexibility, they’re generally easy to update, and they provide consistency across projects, teams, clients and processes. They can be improved regularly to meet technological and instructional requirements as well as the client’s needs and are easily tracked and updated.


Having access to a library of templates gives your team the flexibility of being able to choose from a diverse set of preconfigured briefs/forms/checklists, without needing to ‘reinvent the wheel’. They give you more power, more choices, and much more independence.

Adtopia has and extensive library of standard templates and can help you to incorporate these into your current workflow and software (or recommend software that can).


The third and final stage we offer is business coaching and facilitation – an ongoing partnership. The essence of our work is consultancy – working with you to help you achieve your goals. While we have developed many tools and materials to assist this process (particularly in the areas of revenue and operations) at the core of our work is often business coaching and facilitation.


We believe in making a lasting difference to any business we work with. Our principal goal is to establish utopian operations (or Adtopia). This means high revenue generation and the maintenance of this, or indeed further business growth (which can be an on-going challenge as circumstances change and evolve for a business).


While we aim for speedy results in our work, we don’t advocate a ‘fire and forget’ approach to project implementation. Instead, we offer this third stage to our typical ‘business utopia’ consultancy.

This ‘stage three’ is where we offer our on-going support and services (on a monthly or quarterly basis) by monitoring and analysing your business performance and providing strategic insights on the latest market trends. This role is as big or small as you need, however it basically provides you with operational and financial expertise, without having to hire a full time Operations and/or Finance Director.


We provide both personal (one-on-one) businesses coaching for managers, as well as group based coaching and facilitation services – such as business strategy sessions or skills development training.


We pride ourselves on the provision of objective, structured coaching, so that clear goals can be identified and progress measured against them. Our process focuses on the full gamut of workplace skillsets, from interpersonal skills and cultural drivers, to financial, analytical and other technical skills.

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